1st International conference on Multidisciplinary Research and Sustainable Development - 2024

1st International conference on Multidisciplinary Research and Sustainable Development - 2024

International Conference on Multidisciplinary research and sustainable development primarily focus on sustainable development and engineering research. which are two important concepts in the fields of science, policy, and practice that aim to address complex global challenges and promote the well-being of current and future generations.

Multidisciplinary development refers to an approach that involves the integration of knowledge, expertise, and perspectives from various disciplines and sectors to address complex problems. It recognizes that many of the challenges facing society today are interconnected and cannot be adequately understood or solved within the confines of a single discipline or sector. Interdisciplinary Research Encouraging research that bridges the gap between different disciplines to address real-world challenges effectively. Multidisciplinary approaches are crucial in addressing issues in Engineering and sustainable development because they recognize the interconnectedness of these problems. Sustainable development aims to balance these three pillars, recognizing that they are interconnected. Achieving sustainability requires responsible resource management, social justice, and consideration of long-term consequences.

The integration of multidisciplinary approaches into sustainable development is essential because it allows for a more comprehensive understanding of complex sustainability challenges. By bringing together experts from various fields, policymakers and practitioners can develop more effective strategies and solutions that consider the economic, environmental, and social dimensions of development.

Papers submitted for the Conference upon peer review when accepted need to be presented for further submission for consideration to include in the Database (Web of Science), subject to final decision based on quality of the peer review and technical program integrity committee of Publisher.

ICMED 2024 Project Expo!

This event serves as a platform for students and innovators from Telangana to showcase their remarkable innovations and social enterprises. Our distinguished jury will assess the projects, selecting the most outstanding ideas for recognition. At the valedictory ceremony, we will honor the winners and present awards, including prize money, in acknowledgment of their impactful contributions. Join us as we celebrate creativity, ingenuity, and social change at our Project Expo!". All multidisciplinary and sustainable development related projects can be applied with a registration fee of RS-1500/ with the following link

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